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Zoom teeth whitening in Thousand Oaks, CAAt the dental practice of Nima Aleagha, DDS, we understand that many first impressions are made with a simple smile. Our team is committed to helping you achieve the aesthetically pleasing and healthy smile you've always wanted. We are proud to offer Philips Zoom teeth whitening solutions to brighten and improve the look of your teeth so you can confidently smile in any situation.

Our team has worked hard to create a modern and welcoming environment for all your dental needs. We take the time to assess your situation thoroughly and will only recommend the services we believe are the most beneficial to you. Dr. Aleagha wants you to be proud of your smile and works hard to give you the outcome you're looking for. We offer all our services in English, Farsi, and Spanish to better serve our communities. If you're looking for Zoom teeth whitening in Thousand Oaks, our team offers the solutions you need. Schedule your appointment with one of our friendly staff today!


What Is Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is the process of enhancing the aesthetics of your smile. There are multiple treatment options our office uses to improve the look of your teeth. By using professional-grade gels and light-activated solutions, our dentist can noticeably brighten your smile and remove stains. From in-office to at-home treatments, Dr. Aleagha works with you to find the option that will give you the results you desire.

How Do Teeth Get Stained?

Though teeth are usually very strong and durable, their enamel is porous and can stain. It is common for teeth to dull and take on a yellow tint as time progresses. Many foods and beverages contribute to the changing color of your teeth, as do certain lifestyle choices. Some of the common causes of stains and discoloration include:

  • Tobacco products
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Red wine, coffee, and other dark beverages
  • Dark berries and pasta sauces
  • Genetics
  • Dental trauma or injury
  • Medications

Our Thousand Oaks In-Office Zoom Whitening Solutions

Do you have an important event coming up? At our dental office, we want to give you fast results when you need them most. Our team uses Philips Zoom teeth whitening technology to improve your smile quickly and safely. When you leave our office, you'll be able to notice the difference.

Zoom whitening uses a specially formulated solution that is activated by ultraviolet light. Our process begins with carefully applying the gel to your teeth. Once applied, we will ensure you are comfortable before positioning the light in front of your teeth. The entire process tasks under two hours to lighten the appearance of your smile.

Our Exceptional Take-Home Whitening Options

We understand that not everyone wants to sit in our office for a lengthy visit while their procedure is being completed. This is why we offer various take-home options for you to whiten your teeth when it's convenient. From custom trays to touchup pens, our team is confident we can find a solution that is right for you.

Philips Zoom DayWhite

By using a hydrogen peroxide formula, Philips Zoom DayWhite lightens your teeth quickly and effectively. Simply put the predetermined amount of solution into each indentation of the whitening trays and then position them over your teeth. It is crucial that you closely follow the included instructions and our dentist's direction to achieve the safest and best results.

Philips Zoom NiteWhite

Philips Zoom NiteWhite uses a carbamide peroxide solution so you can whiten your teeth while you sleep. The formula is specially designed to be safe for you to wear for longer periods of time, and it has a longer shelf life than other take-home options. We know wearing your trays while you sleep can seem intimidating, and we make sure to explain the process thoroughly and what to expect before prescribing this option.

5 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Whiter Longer

Once you've undergone Zoom teeth whitening in Thousand Oaks, we know you want your new smile to stay bright for as long as possible. These simple tips are easy to follow and can also have other health benefits.

  1. Avoid Stain-Causing Drinks and Foods: Red wine, coffee, tomato sauces, red berries, and other dark beverages and foods can all dull and stain your teeth over time.
  2. Stop Using Tobacco Products: In as little as two months, the tar found in tobacco products can stain newly whitened teeth. Using tobacco products can also increase your risk of developing gum disease, oral cancers, and plaque.
  3. Eat a Nutritious Diet: Having a healthy saliva flow helps dilute harmful acids. Foods such as crunchy fruits and watery vegetables all aid in keeping your teeth clean and healthy.
  4. Maintain Oral Hygiene Habits: There is no better way to maintain the brightness of your smile than by making sure you brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly. Not only does this keep your teeth shining the longest, but it also promotes long-term oral health.
  5. Visit Our Dentist Twice a Year: When you regularly keep your dental appointments, we professionally clean your teeth and keep an eye out for dental health issues that could impact the aesthetics of your smile.

Reliable Thousand Oaks Teeth Whitening

At the dental practice of Nima Aleagha, DDS, we want you to walk out of our office with a smile you can take pride in. Our teeth whitening treatments can be done either in our office or in the convenience of your own home. By understanding your oral health issues and your smile desires, we make sure you're getting the correct treatment for your situation. If you're looking for Zoom teeth whitening in Thousand Oaks, give our office a call and schedule your appointment today!


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